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Improve Local 搜索 Rankings and Increase Online Visibility with GMB.


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Citations alone no longer rank your listings…you need to stop shooting in the dark.

Our proven GMB Setup Optimization 服务 are designed to increase your online visibility, build your brand prominence and increase your listing local relevance.

We will make sure that your business is setup and optimized the RIGHT way so you will get the online visibility you need.

我们甚至会教你 如何诠释你的GMB观点.


We help you grow your business and get more sales by increasing organic (free) traffic to your website.

We know what works and what doesn’t and we use a transparent, 不断发展的过程使我们适应您的需要, 你所在行业的变化, 以及搜索算法的改变.


  • 删除/删除重复的GMB清单
  • 审计 & 输入业务名称
  • 审计 & 输入地址
  • 审计 & 输入手机号
  • 审计 & 输入时间
  • 审计 & 输入网站网址
  • 输入开始日期
  • 设置本地关键字跟踪报告


  • 执行竞争对手研究
  • 选择适当的小巴类别
  • 添加服务领域
  • 添加约会或联系URL
  • 添加服务和描述
  • 添加业务描述


  • 优化添加照片
  • 记录 & 截取流量分析的截图
  • 检查反应(指令)
  • 编写优化的GMB网站内容
  • 创建GMB网站


  • 16 GMB帖子
  • 4 x服务岗位
  • 4 x的博客/信息的帖子
  • 4 x评论文章
  • 4 x城市/地点的帖子

These posts will be scheduled over a 4 week duration.​




Having multiple listings for your business address WILL hurt your rankings. 它实际上是对 谷歌的服务条款.  We make sure to check for duplicates and work with you & 谷歌来移除这些.


你的品牌名字 & 信息需要在整个网络上保持一致. Your website and other website like social media and directory listing platforms, need to display the correct business name and other business info.. We start here with entering the correct business info on your GMB listing. 你可能做错了

创建 & 验证GMB清单

If your business does not already have a GMB listing. 我们将创建 & 为你申请一个. This would require a postcard to be sent to your business address. Once claimed, we will transfer ownership over to you.


Setting up and optimizing your GMB is where every SEO campaign should begin. There are many factors to rankings, such as how competitive a niche is. We don’t guarantee rankings with this service, but we do guarantee best practices. However, it is nice to keep an eye on rankings to see if there are any changes.



Our competitor research will help us determine how and why other businesses in your industry are ranking for your desired keywords and search queries. We will use this data to implement our Phase 2 strategy.


This is one of the most important tasks that we perform on your GMB listing. We select the proper categories based on your niche, 服务 and competitor research. Proper category selection can increase your search visibility by over 75%.


通过添加特定的邮政编码, 城镇, 城市, and counties we can let Google know exactly where you service your clients. Both GMB’s with hidden addresses and visible addresses can include this info to Google.

添加服务 & 描述

Google provides a section on your GMB listing that displays all of your 服务. These 服务 and descriptions are visible to visitors and helps build trust and authority with your listing. Which can result in higher rankings and traffic.


When people search for your brand online you want to be able to explain to them exactly who you are and what your business provides. This is another crucial step in optimizing your GMB listing. 我们将写一个独特的 & optimized business description for your business and publish it to your GMB listing. This GMB description is limited to 750 characters, so we have to make sure we use it wisely.



没有照片的GMB列表是不完整的. We gather and optimize your photo files with business data such as: name, address, 电话号, 网站网址, GPS数据和联系信息. 

记录 & 截取Traffic Insights的截图

记录ing GMB activity early on will allow us to keep track of your growth. We go through all data insights that Google provides us within your GMB and record this data within a your shared spreadsheet &  截图.


谷歌已经让大家知道 回应评论可以提升你本地的搜索引擎优化.  Not only do customers like to feel appreciated for their reviews, 但对谷歌来说,这也是一个巨大的信任信号. Using all features that GMB provides is crucial and responding to reviews does much more than just increase rankings. We will provide you responses for up to 10 reviews.

写 & 优化GMB网站内容

We will write 750 – 1000 words of unique content describing your 业务和服务. All content includes a strong sales copy format. We like to walk visitors down a path from introduction to call to action. Our format includes the following sections: introduction, 好处, 害怕失去, 解决方案, 奖状, 服务, 号召大家行动起来.

We also make sure to optimize this content with your main keywords, GMB category mentions. Your content will also  link out to other social & directory listing to build trust and relevance with Google.


Our GMB listing allows the option to create and optimize a website within the listing. By using this website feature, we are able to feed Google more data 凯发体育最新登录网站 your business. 数据越多越好. You GMB website will include the following: header, GMB posts, 服务 & descriptions, summary of the company, photos, footer with map and 联系 info.

Use Google’s free website in conjunction with one of our 自定义构建网站 摧毁你的竞争对手!




Just write down some details and our customer success heroes will get back to you in a jiffy!